Metamedia Management

Digital content and information management consulting

Metamedia will provide consulting services and project assistance for short-term and long-term projects with media companies, libraries, and other organizations.

We help make sure information resources do not get lost, by helping you standardize and maintain collection metadata. We optimize discovery and viewing by applying standards-based, customized taxonomies, an SEO strategy, formal finding aids, or governance documents. The goal is always to allow your collection to grow while resources remain discoverable to your audiences in an organized and intuitive way.

We are practitioners of effective knowledge management, collaboration, the art of librarianship and the intelligent stewardship of cultural heritage resources and digital intellectual works. We are 21st Century Librarians.

Looking in the vaults --library science volumes in the Library of Congress stacks. (Photo Credit: Valerie)

Looking in the vaults --library science volumes in the Library of Congress stacks. (Photo Credit: Valerie)

Our services depend on what your collection needs. We can implement or determine policies for the description of your books, videos, text based documents, images, audio recordings, special collections, business documents, or intellectual products, to support automated search and recall or in-person retrieval of physical objects. 

We take the approach that whether managing a physical collection with a database or managing a digital collection with index cards, a system is optimally organized for retrievability when the proper descriptions and categories are applied. 

When you are investing in connecting your audience of readers to your content offerings, we can help you.


Name Authority Work

Information Architecture

Taxonomy Development

Controlled Vocabularies


Content Audits

Content Analysis

Coding for Classification Software

Areas of Work

Special Libraries

Digital Asset Collections


Learning Platforms

Media Publications

Video Services

Internal File Management


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